BJ Penn Backs Up Jose Aldo: “The lion doesn’t care that the sheep laugh at him”

The former two division champion of UFC and the recent UFC Hall Of Fame inductee, whose name is B.J. Penn, was happy when he had heard that the current UFC featherweight champion and his former training partner Jose Aldo had decided not to engage in his fight while he is injured after this past weekend’s event in Las Vegas. Penn had said that if Aldo is not feeling up to it, he does not want to see his friend in the ring, something that many other fans agree with.

“If Aldo is not 100 percent, I do not want to see him inside that ring,” Penn stated

“Aldo, you’re the old lion,” Penn said. “You’re the champion. You’re the one with the record, you’re the one with the gold, you’re the one with all the records. The lion doesn’t care that the sheep laugh at him. Remember that. The lion just stays there. The animals make noise and tease. The guy with the belt is the lion.”


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