BJJ Black Belt Accused Of A Sexual Assault Of A 12 Year Old

Eben Kaneshiro (Photo: Facebook)


Portland martial arts academy owner charged with sex abuse, Eben Kaneshiro was accused by a victim under the age of 12. A former MMA fighter he started an academy of Jujitsu. MMA stands for mixed martial arts which is a sport that uses striking and grappling to tackle an opponent. A former mentor, Nathan Quarry, who knew Eben since 2005, said that the MMA community had no indication Eben had been anything other than upstanding. A good coach and fighter, Eben has been well respected in the community.

Eben Kaneshiro (Photo: Facebook)
Eben Kaneshiro (Photo: Facebook)

Information on the Crime

The sudden arrest shocked the community. No details have been released by police about why Eben has been accused. Not an area Eben frequents, police speculate that a concert in the area may have been attended. Police are asking the communities for information. Portland Police Bureau need more details to confirm Eben in the area.The police are concerned more victims are out in the community once learning the man ran an academy.

Other Business Owners Opinion

The New Breed Jiu-Jitsu Academy sits at Southeast Foster Road where no trouble has occurred. A business owner nearby reported that children frequent the academy as young as four. Though she did not know the man personally, he seemed to be on the up and up.


Kaneshiro has been charged with first degree sex abuse and sodomy on three counts. The crime alleged happened Sunday April 19. The bond has been set at $500,000 with an additional court appearance April 27. The MMF community is holding back judgement till more evidence has been presented.

Local detectives are looking for more information on the case particularly on the day the alleged sexual assault happened. Victims or those with information can contact Detective Darrell Miller at 503-823-0842 or email at this address Darrell.miller

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