Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Challenged Cocky Wrestler At The Beach For $20

Two guys – Black belt Sebastian Brosche Of Yoga for BJJ and a wrestler – put a show for the locals that they probably should have charged for. One of them also went home twenty dollars richer, too. Check out the video below and guess which one.

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    • U KNOW ACTUALLY NO ONE OF THEM ARE FUCKING BLACK BELTS, Fucking Joke the blonde guy is not even a Blue belt…. fucking joke hahahah

  1. Is he really a black belt though? Seems like maybe more of a purple imo but I don’t know maybe he was just giving a low % of his actual potential.

    Not saying he wasn’t impressive he frigin was. Just didnt quite seem black belt material from what I’m used to seeing at high levels of bjj against other trained guys let alone against a non trained bjj guy.

      • HAHAH man stfu, du you even train, brah? u 10 motha fucker? hahaha i can tell u this, THIS guy is a fucking joke. he should stop BJJ, and yes i train, allstar in swe and its a SHIT club 2, the black belts there are purple belt Max,, only alan is a pure also one of the best black belts, This guy on the other hand Is a FUCKING JOKE!,, put the gii in the closet…

  2. Title of the article says exactly who he is and explains the situation. Yeah, this guy prepping for pans is going to go all out on this kid acting cocky…..Sebastian was clearly goofing around with this dude.


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