BJJ Guys are less likely to cheat on their significant others?

Five reasons why BJJ Guys are right for you:

  1. Control

Some men like to be in control. Relationship expert Dr. Saltz says some men are unfaithful because they seek control and power. BJJ Guys, on the other hand, say nothing quenches their thirst for control and power like sweeping, mounting, and submitting your BJJ partner numerous times over the course of a practice.


  1.  Will Power

The BJJ Guy exerts firm control over himself. He is aware, and respectful of others as a result. The BJJ Guy knows that not every opportunity presented must be taken, unless of course it’s on the mat, where all bets are off.

  1. Appreciation

As time goes on in a relationship, appreciation may not be as openly expressed as at the beginning. Some men may seek affirmation from others. The BJJ Guy does not need excessive reassurance or praise; another stripe on the belt at practice, or a newbie complimenting him on his skill and strength, bonding with teammates–this is what nourishes the BJJ Guy’s ego. The pressure is off his partner.  That said, it never hurts to show the BJJ guy a little appreciate from time to time, like buying him his dream bjj trip to Brazil this holiday!


  1. Boredom

Some guys cheat because they are bored–they want to push boundaries, they want something new.

By contrast, BJJ Guy Braulio Estima never gets bored training because he always finds a technique that can be redeveloped or modified. Every day is something new for a man who has trained in BJJ for over 18 years. Combinations (attack & transition) are endless:

“I like to open up my mind, try new things, go over my boundaries to see what is out there”.

  1. Environment

After a long day, a lot of guys like to blow off steam. Hanging out with friends, heading to the bar, maybe getting into some bad situations.

BJJ Guys skip the bar–they have been counting down the clock all day waiting for BJJ to start. Bonus: they are getting in shape, and the only possible bad situations are a missed submission or a passed guard.


  1. This is disturbing. You write about infidelity so casually, as if it is completely justified by those four circumstances. It seems your point is that bjj can be a distraction for men who may otherwise cheat due to their personalities or relationship issues. I’d hope those men would be mature enough to actually work on their relationship first and honor their partner. Don’t smear the legacy of bjj by suggesting it’s a means for unfaithful or controlling husbands and partners to get their rocks off when they get tired of their woman!

    • I get what your saying, if a guys a douchebag he’s a douchebag but in long relationships is what this is referring to. I can totally relate even though I never went outside my relationship I have found a better respect over the last few years as if it were the beginning again so yea this is very accurate. It can not always apply to everyone but what in life does?


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