BJJ: Open Mind, Endless Possibilities

Tom DeBlass leaves the Saturday class with some closing motivational thoughts.--photo by Todd Shaffer

I’m on a bus. I’ve been on this bus for more than 24 hours. And since I’m here I figured I may as well write a little ditty! It’s been a bit, and while trying to gather various ideas and projects together and bring them to a close, something hit me – and no, not an elbow to the face!

It was focus.

I am so focused and determined in jiu-jitsu, but elsewhere I tend to be absentminded and flighty.

My thoughts over the past year have changed and morphed in regards to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, training, and competing. I’m a people person, and I also love to compete. I don’t have the “smash your opponent” mentality. I prefer high-fives and hugs. Jiu-jitsu provides me the opportunity to fulfill both of these roles (make friends, meet new people, compete hard) while continuing on in my journey to black belt. And this, this is where my thoughts have turned.

When I first began training, my focus was on learning the moves. As time went on, my focus changed to achieving goals. Now, I realize the focus is in my dedication and determination; it is in my ability to attend class, even when dog tired; the focus comes from understanding my journey is mine alone, and I can’t compare it to others. The focus comes when I leave my ego behind, accept humility, and concentrate on how I can be a better person and share the art with others

In changing my focus, and accepting that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an ever-changing, never-ending journey, I’ve been able to open my mind and heart to many possibilities and opportunities.

As your abilities grow, allow your mind, body, and spirit to grow alongside them. It’s amazing what a simple tweak in outlook can do for you and the people around you.

I couldn’t be more excited for this continued journey to gain knowledge of the sport, community, and self.

Happy Rolling!


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