BJJ Success Story Evan Robinson Earns Blue Belt

Evan Robinson, the former Pennsylvania inmate who used jiu-jitsu to survive prison and transform into a law abiding gym owner, earned his blue belt this weekend. The Renzo Gracie student was the subject of this profile by The Jiu-Jitsu Times in September.  

Back in September Robinson had stated his intention to dedicate his eventual blue belt to MMA veteran and best friend Joe Van Brackle, who passed in 2017. Robinson is the founder of The Joe Van Brackle Scholarship, which provides jiu-jitsu training to at risk youth in his area. 

“Today is one of my greatest days of my Jiu-Jitsu Journey,” Robinson posted to social media today. “I’m happy as hell, only wish my Brother Joe Van Brackle was here to see this day. One belt down, 3 more to go! I tell you all anything and everything is possible ad long as you want to achieve it.”

You can hear more about Evan’s journey in this great interview with the BJJ Brick podcast.

Keep pushing, Evan, we’re cheering for you. 


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