Gordon Ryan Racks Up 47 Unanswered Points; DeBlass Puts Price on His Head

Photo credit: Tom DeBlass, Instagram

We were trying to limit the King Ryan posts at least until the semis of IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, but then he racked up 47 unanswered points in a single match before finishing by submission, so here we are. 

You can watch the slow, almost loving, finishing of opponent Evangelos Moumtzis below.

The submission happened not long after training partner, coach, and competitor Tom DeBlass offered $2000.00 cash to anyone who submits Ryan

“If he weren’t my little brother and I had to compete against him I am pretty sure I’d fist fight him on site,” said DeBlass on Instagram, responding to images of Ryan strolling the event shirtless in his signature royal regalia. 

Ryan advanced automatically to the semi-finals due to a rib injury removing much-loved champ Mahamed Aly from competition. 


  1. Why is it that everytime I read an article about Gordon Ryan on this site it’s written by WOMEN? Try not to make it so obvious you’re obsessed with Gordon.


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