BJJ: Women Forging a Fiery Path: Great 8

Its mid-April vacation week. The sun is shining, the days are full and adventures are plentiful. Hopefully you’re able to get in training, or even some extra (gasp!) time on the mats. Nice weather and free time makes it tempting to skip here or slack there. But these women understand that there’s a fine line, and often times sacrifice comes in the form of doing that which you’re passionate about, above and beyond, in order to gain success. What is success? Who defines the individual’s successes or failures; the answer, of course, is the individual.
The women who paved the way Set the bar high. They strived for excellence in ways defined by their actions. First woman to award a black belt, first woman to compete, first to own her own gym… The list goes on. Awards, acclamations and outstanding effort have led us here, to the women following in the footsteps of, but also forging a fiery path beyond their successors.

1. Mackenzie Dern
2. Michelle Nicolini
3. Tammy Musmeci
4. Joaquina Bonfim
5. Gezary Matuda
6. Andresa Correa
7. Dominyka Obelenyte
9. Sarah Johnel Black
10. Karen Antunes

Ah! But I’ve gone over eight, you say? Well here’s the dilemma. There are many women who have contributed to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, who have forged ahead and brought the women in the sport to the forefront. As time goes on and more and more girls and young women add to the numbers the evolution of women’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu will impossible to predict.

I, for one, can’t wait to see where we are as years go by and more fierce females step on the mats!

Happy Rolling!

Andrea Harris
Mission22 #ijoinedthefight
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