Joey Diaz On How Jiu-Jitsu Changed His Life

Some people see Jiu-Jitsu as simply a form of martial arts and self-defense techniques. But the roots of jiu-jitsu are much richer and extend to the heart of a person–more than one can imagine. In fact, a well-known comedian and jiu-jitsu enthusiast has confessed the kind of impact this art form has had on his life.

Diaz was not fully committed to a career in comedy at the beginning of his career. Diaz admitted that he took gigs to test the waters but mostly to find people to have fun and drinks with.

Jiu-Jitsu, if taken to heart, is not the kind of art form that allows a person to slack off, and it did not allow Diaz to slack off either. Diaz committed himself to jiu-jitsu and, given enough time, he started to see the teachings seep into his life.

Diaz began to become more focused on his career in more ways than one. He saw that his energy level was higher, and he was able to accomplish more in a day. Diaz began to write more material, book more gigs, and concentrate on his career as his commitment to jiu-jistu grew. This art form has changed his life for the better.


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