Black Belt Instructor Assaults White Belt Competitor On The Mat At IBJJF Austin Open

Earlier today, Gracie Barra Westchase instructor Ulpiano Malachias was filmed throwing a chair at a 19-year-old white belt competitor who defeated his student in the final seconds of a semi-finals match at the IBJJF Austin Open.

The competitor who won is a student of Pablo Silva BJJ. He flexed in celebration after scoring a takedown against Malachias’ student in the final seconds of their match to secure a win, which prompted Malachias to push past the barrier and throw a metal chair at Silva’s student. He then charged the mat towards his target before being approached by the referee and returning to the sidelines.

Silva told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that IBJJF officials asked Malachias to leave the event after the incident, but that he hopes they will take further action against him. “Just remember that Andre Galvao was banned from IBJJF for a year just for jumping over the barricade. I am very curious to see what IBJJF will do to him since he is part of Gracie Barra,” he said.

Silva also said that his student “had never seen/talked to [Malachias] in his life.”

After winning this semifinals match, Silva’s student went on to lose the finals to ultimately come in second place at the tournament. “It’s just sad because he trained really hard and really wanted to win,” says Silva.

Malachias had this to say in response to a request for comment:

“His students [is] being instigating and disrespecting person, he won the match on the last 5 seconds and he finishes and look for me flex me and call me mo fo, l don’t have to have a white belt disrespecting me. My attitude have nothing to do with the result but with what he said and the reason [that] he flex me, Now he try make a video to make me look bad.”

Here is the video of the incident:


  1. It’s has nothing to do with rank , he assaulted a person. He is a blackbelt , but had to use a chair to prove his point ? File charges … revoke the visa … sorry bud , go back to Brazil with that shit!! I am turning in the video to Tarrant County authories.


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