Black Belt & Police Chief Dave Ogden Offers Free BJJ Lessons To Police Officers

Fourth-degree BJJ black belt and police chief Dave Ogden is using his BJJ knowledge to try to teach other police officers in Florida how to restrain suspects without using excessive force.

Ogden, who trains under the Gracie Barra banner and created Central Florida’s first BJJ police academy in 2001, is now offering free jiu-jitsu training for police officers in the wake of the death of George Floyd. He told Fox 35 Orlando, “I believe jiu-jitsu, when used appropriately… understanding good leverage and good body mechanics is the key to making sure you secure subjects safely for him and for you… I want these young guys to have a long, blessed career. I don’t want them to use excessive force. I want them to use the appropriate force. Because you know what? It’s scary when you have to get into those situations.”

Ogden doesn’t charge for the lessons for police officers, and anyone interested in more information can contact the Windermere Police Department at 407-876-3757 or visit Gracie Barra Clermont.


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