Bodybuilder Flying To Sacramento To Fight Cody Garbrandt At Team Alpha Male Gym

When TJ Dillashaw created a Twitter poll, he couldn’t have predicted the furious exchange that would follow. He asked fans whether they want to see him fight Demetrius Johnson or Ray Borg. Cody Garbrandt, the UFC bantamweight champion, offered himself as the third option but said it could take a while due to his injury.


A bodybuilder named Matthew Kline Kader interjected, calling out Garbrandt for simultaneously posturing and backing out of a fight. The two traded insults until the UFC champ provided an address and invited Kader to come over. The latter called the bluff.

He posted an image that proves bodybuilder books flight to fight Cody Garbrandt. He will arrive on June 25 and promises to bring a camera crew to film the action. Coach Justin Buchholz of Team Alpha Male then joined in, warning Kader that mayhem will ensue if he shows up. It will be interesting to see if the challenger does appear on the 25th of June as promised.




  1. Kader,
    You can’t shock a heavy bag let alone a World Class fighter.
    You say your working your boxing?
    What bum trainer thought you those poor fundamentals?
    Post some sparring footage, show some decent punching ability cause that bag clip is deplorable.
    If you even show up you’ll have my respect.


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