Braulio Estima On Training With Roger Gracie And How Does He Improve His BJJ Game

The Fighting Lifestyle top UAE’s BJJ analyst Rick Rout had caught up with multiple type IBJJF world champion Braulio Estima when he was visiting the United Arab Emirates. During their interview, Braulio Estima talked about numerous issues that surrounded his life as he grew up, how the situations turned out to evolve him as a fighter. He also elaborates on how he began to play a large part in developing the art in the United Kingdom. The sport has come a long way in the UK, with him and other tremendous figures in the industry drawing attention to it.

braulio estima

“A lot of people wonder, I don’t have a lot of people to train with how can I get better? Basically if you go to the gym every time to do exactly what you do and to train to win, your not training to get better, your just training the attributes that you already have. Training with the students is kind of good. Training with the students is kind of good because it can open up a little bit of your arsenal of techniques so you can improve your game all over.”

In regards to the training schedule itself, he has recommended for all of his students to keep trying to get better. He believes that hard work and perseverance are the two biggest ingredients in making a successful fighter. He has said that all students should keep up with the basics and remember to go to the gym and train their bodies as regularly as possible. He discussed the importance of sticking to the basics and how they can help fighters develop.–19-o


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