Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Chameleon

Aaaaaah… I have been away for a while. Life has a way of sneaking up On you and BAM! Before you know it so much time has passed. Very much like the jiu-jitsu journey; you train, try to apply the concepts you’re learning and retain the knowledge being shared & BAM! You’ve been training for six months, a year, 3 years etc!!! I know that I’m usually a little more facetious but this article speaks to the beauty of jiu-jitsu and its chameleon like abilities.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu “the gentle art,” has evolved and will continue to evolve. I’m excited and curious to see what it will become ten years from now as I hobble onto the mats- haha!

Many of us begin our journey unsure of where it will take us or what we’re looking for. Heck, a lot of people don’t even know what jiu-jitsu is except for “that one friend who won’t shut up about it” and so, why not give it a shot?! For me, I was interested in MMA and it took me FIVE YEARS to finally give any type of martial art a try; for the simple fact that I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure of how to get started.

If you ask people training in the same gym why they’re training or what jiu-jitsu means to them, almost every answer will be different. Certainly there will be similarities, but as we are individualistic so to will be our journey.

Hence is the beauty of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s the chameleon which ever changes and ever grows; Not just within the nature of the art, but for each practitioner. Jiu-jitsu has carried me thru the toughest stretch of my journey yet over these past two years… Death, disappointment, sorrow and self-doubt. Thru every step I had jiu-jitsu there to keep me strong.

So the next time you contemplate quitting, or are thinking the journey may be too hard… Ask yourself, ” How much more difficult would my life be without it?”


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