Break it Down: Butterfly Sweep Counter/defense

Liked the break it down: sit up sweep followed by the the butterflySweep? Now here are a few counters/ defense to the butterfly sweep. In my previous “Break it Downs” I spoke of using our toolbox and chaining/modifying our game. Being able to stay mentally sharp is equally important as our physical health. Opponents will react in different ways, and it doesn’t hurt to have a mental BJJ game “flow chart” handy. 1 or 2 solid options is always better than 10 sloppy ones however!
I’ve included a few varieties of defense/counters to the butterfly sweep to utilize, depending on your skill level/game. Enjoy!

Ronis Gracie: butterfly sweep counter defense

Luis Claudio: Butterfly sweep defense to mount/ arm bar situation

Caio Terra: avoid the butterfly sweep to backtake


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