Break Through To The Armbar Tap With These Grip Breaks

There are few things as satisfying as pulling that one vulnerable arm into your lap, legs draped like the sleeve of Death itself across your opponent’s face and chest. But unless you’re in the business of exterminating white belts, you’ve probably still got a desperate grip to break before the submission is yours.

Invisible Jiu-Jitsu still sees too many grapplers fruitlessly tugging on the armbarred victim’s elbow to try and complete the position, so he’s made this guide on how to break grips and take the arm home with you.

A quick overview: Option one is to attack the far elbow rather than the near, being sure to stress the near wrist. Option two uses an “X break” a la Eddie Bravo to safeguard against your opponent hitching out. And Option three is using your feet to pin both arms so you can unlayer the defense piece by piece.

Give it a look:


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