Brendan Schaub Trolls Francis Ngannou On Twitter About Cardio And Wrestling Against Stipe Miocic

Former UFC Heavyweight and frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, Brendan Schaub, couldn’t resist taking a jab at Heavyweight title contender Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou took on Champion Stipe Miocic last night at UFC 220 for the division’s championship. Though Ngannou started out strong, he tired before the end of the first round. The 6’4″ Frenchman then spent the remaining four rounds breathing heavy and, at times, looking like he was struggling to stand up.

Ngannou also had a hard time dealing with Stipe’s ground game. Time after time he was taken down and unable to get the champion off of him. It was as if he had no wrestling or BJJ in his game.

Schaub couldn’t help criticizing Ngannou’s performance.

Schaub wasn’t the only one trolling Ngannou, either. “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis also had some snarky comments about the Frenchman’s cardio:

In Ngannou’s defense, he was riding a 10-fight, decision-free win streak before he took on Stipe. It was also the first time in a year Francis had to fight beyond the first round, and the first time in four years he had to go the distance.

Furthermore, even though the fight was one-sided from round two to five, Ngannou was able to stay in it, so that certainly bodes well for him.

But it’s hard to deny that Schaub has a point, however undiplomatically he put it. If Ngannou is expecting a rematch any time in the future, he had better work on his cardio and his grappling.


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