Brian Ortega Surprised His Dad With A New Truck After Totaling His Old One 12 Years Ago

Most of us make our parents’ lives more difficult at some point, but it’s rare that we get to make it up to them like UFC fighter Brian Ortega did.

Twelve years ago when he was seventeen, Ortega totaled his dad’s F-150. Though his dad mostly just shrugged it off and forgave his son, Brian hoped he’d be able to buy his dad a new truck. Recently, he made that dream a reality and pulled it off in a heartwarming surprise.

Brian enlisted the help of a whole bunch of people, including his mom and Rener Gracie, to pull off the special moment that ended with his dad holding the keys to a new Jeep. There was even a mariachi band involved!

The entire situation is super sweet and a great example of how a child can give back to their loving parents.

You can check out the full video below:


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