The Bullfighter / Toreando Guard Pass – 4 Video Tutorial

The “Bullfighter” open guard pass (aka Toreando / Torreada in Portuguese: no one seems to agree on the spelling!) is one the most IMPORTANT guard passes to master.

You can learn this technique in your first few beginner classes and see it used at the highest levels of black belt elite competition.
Pressure passing is NOT the only way to pass the guard. Like a matador avoiding the charge of a bull, you can redirect the opponent’s legs and slip around to the side.

Let’s have a look at a few of the variations from masters of this style of pass.

1) Draculino – Bull Fighter Guard Pass
This is the way I learned how to do the Bullfighter Guard pass.
If you want to start to use the Bullfighter pass start with this version!
It is basic: pin the knees, move around at distance and put your chest and bodyweight on the opponent to complete the pass.

2) TOREANDO / BULLFIGHTER PASS SERIES: Basic Hip & Knee Twist with Professor Kris Kim
Black belt Kris Kim teaches in Korea and has an underrated YouTube technique channel at “BJJ Joe” with a TON of great technique videos with clear, concise explanations.
Check out how Kris uses a spin to make his Bullfighter pass version more effective.
Kris illustrates how their are different ways to apply the SAME pass.

3) Leandro Lo – Torreada Pass
Leandro Lo is known to be one of the top competitors in the world at this style of passing.
Leandro uses the Bullfighter in combination with other passes and often switches sides to get the pass.
* Note: Important tip is how Leandro keeps the weight on the opponent’s hips and keeps his own legs clear of the opponent’s grips and hooks.

4) X Pass to Torreando Guard Pass by Xande Ribeiro
Xande Ribeiro has a real talent for not only on the competition mat, but in teaching the concepts and simplifying the correct mechanics for techniques.
In one of my favorite Bullfighter instructional videos, Xande shows his method teachinga combination of specific details AND general principles.
* Note: Important tip – Xande emphasizes the correct grips to control the legs and changing the sides of the pass …”I go one side, he defends,..I go the other..BOOM!” as Xande says!

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