C.M. Punk’s BJJ Coach Wants Him To Compete In Jiu-Jitsu Instead Of MMA

After two UFC fights that ended in defeat, WWE star C.M. Punk may start looking toward a future in jiu-jitsu, if his coach, Daniel Wanderley, has his way.

In an interview with MMAFighting.com, Wanderley explained his reasoning, saying that although Punk’s wrestling experience is mostly in the pro-wrestling context, grappling might still be a better competitive fit for him than a sport like MMA in which there’s a lot of stand-up.

Punk’s two UFC matches — one of which took place over two years ago against Mickey Gall against and the other of which took place last weekend against Mike Jackson — ended in a first-round submission and a unanimous decision in his opponent’s favor, respectively. Wanderley believes that the different divisions in jiu-jitsu that separate competitors by not only weight, but also age and experience, could make the martial art “a better sport for him.”

Do you agree with Wanderley’s assessment of this pro-wrestling star?


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