Colby Covington Says Garry Tonon “Sucks,” Tonon Says He’ll Take A Match With Him… Under One Condition

Photo Source: Colby Covington/ Instagram/ Garry Tonon/ Instagram

UFC fighter Colby Covington had some harsh words for some jiu-jitsu athletes during his appearance on the MMA Roasted podcast.

Covington, who is the interim welterweight champion in the UFC and has a record of 14-1-0, started off his time on the podcast by calling himself a “super black belt” and calling the BJJ belting system a “Ponzi scheme” and calling out what he perceives to be undeserved respect for black belts in the sport. “These are also the same people that are cheating on their wives, having infidelity in the MMA gym, cheating on their taxes… it’s all bulls***, man.”

When asked about his own grappling skills, Covington replied, “I’m the best grappler at the gym hands-down. It’s not even competitive.” He also said that winning a major title in Abu Dhabi would be “easy as f***.”

“It wouldn’t even be a question. I wouldn’t even have to train before,” he said, adding that he “broke” 2015 ADCC and multiple-time UAEJJF World Pro champion Rodolfo Viera “in, like, a minute” when they trained together at American Top Team.

Covington also had some harsh words for star grapplers Dillon Danis and Garry Tonon, saying that he didn’t even know who Danis was. Talking about Tonon, Covington said, “That guy sucks, dude. He got submitted by [Antonio Carlos Junior] Shoeface with a flying triangle,” referring to their match at Submission Underground 3.

But even though Covington says that “no one can stop [his] grappling,” Tonon is happy to give it a shot. He posted a few colorful comments and memes earlier today in response to Covington’s comments:

🤔🤔well played @colbycovmma

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The Jiu-Jitsu Times will provide updates if a match between these two infamous trash-talkers becomes reality.


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