Can Music Enhance Your Jiu-Jitsu?

Music has a very profound effect on how we do so many things. Therefore, the big question is: can music enhance your BJJ? Whether you realize it or not, music affects you as you train for BJJ. The truth is that the effect is either positive or negative depending on various factors.

Numerous scientific studies have been carried out on the effect of music on exercise. One of the studies established music as having five main effects on training: disassociation, synchronization, arousal regulation, attainment of flow and acquisition of motor skills.

Can Music Enhance Your BJJ?


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The research found that music can take your mind off the body’s sensations such as discomfort, fatigue, effort and tension by instead creating a positive mood that invigorates and creates sensations of happiness when exerting yourself. The right music was found to reduce exertion levels by up to 10% when training at moderate levels of intensity and make the experience more enjoyable when training at high levels of intensity.

Arousal regulation

Music was also found to provide arousal regulation and foster an optimal mindset. By its ability to alter emotional and psychological arousal, music can be used prior to training or a competition either as a stimulant or as a sedative. It all depends on the type of music.


Studies on music and its effects on exercise have also shown that synchronizing music with repetitive exercise is associated with increased output levels and greater endurance. Listening to an up-tempo beat can regulate movement and result in prolonged performance. For instance, listening to the right music can help one better enjoy drills, which are very essential but usually most people’s least enjoyable part of training.

Acquisition of motor skills

In addition to helping one drill longer and more efficiently, scientific studies have shown that applying purposefully selected music can help in another way to drill movements into you. Music beats can not only support repetitive movement of the body but also help you to develop movement patterns by the body acting in harmony with the rhythm. Simply put, music can help your mind and body to remember and lock in movements.

Attainment of flow

Music has also been found to help in the attainment of flow. Flow refers to a situation where one is totally immersed in action without thought, in the roll. It is the most enjoyable BJJ experience and is mainly defined as a state of mind and body where you are moving with minimal conscious effort.

From the points mentioned, it is quite evident that music is very powerful. However one needs to be careful. As listening to music is associated with a degree of disassociation, it can be easy to surpass the limits of training and cause injuries. Music dependency is also another concern. The trick is to exercise caution and have discerning power.



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