Cat Zingano: Angela Magana ‘Kept Taking Shots At Me’ At UFC Retreat

Apparently, Cris “Cyborg” wasn’t the only one strawweight Angela Magana was trying to annoy at the UFC retreat.

According to MMA Fighting, former UFC bantamweight title contender Cat Zingano — who trains at Alliance, the team Angela was recently booted from — also had her issues with Magana.

That girl [Magana], all weekend, was trying to piss somebody off. I had to leave the night I got there the room I was in, because I was around my teammates and she was on Alliance before I ever got there. I had never met her. Now we’re all in the same spot, same place, and they all know her really well but she kept taking shots at me — like digging at me, saying shit, to intentionally passive aggressively hurt my feelings.

However, rather than risk snapping and looking like the bad guy…er, woman… Zingano chose to spend the retreat hanging with her old team:

Eventually I was like, dude, all these people [at Alliance]know her and love her, and if I snap on her right now, I’m going to be the bad guy,” she said. “I would rather not spend a minute with my team and just avoid making shit awkward, than one more second around this girl. I’ll just go hang out with my old team. Everyone knows I get along with everyone, and nothing would be weird.

It was just, anything to get away from her. So when I heard Cris did that, I was actually with the Alliance team, and when they were all like, “Dude Angela just got punched in the face by ‘Cyborg,” I was not surprised.

Cat Zingano also accused Angela Magana of faking the extent of her injury.


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