Chael Sonnen Switches Teams, Becomes Wrestling Commentator

The latest news from the world of mixed martial arts is that former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen switches teams in July. This summer he joins pro wrestling roster as a TV commentator. The “American Gangster” will work for Global Force Wrestling.

As the news broke, GFW’s chief executive noted that the organization looked forward to Sonnen’s expert commentary on matches and competitors. He pointed to the retired fighter’s frankness as a positive attribute that would benefit fans.

Chael’s first TV appearance will occur in late July 2015. He plans to comment on pro wrestling matches in August and October as well. The events will take place at Nevada’s Orleans Arena. Chael intends to continue analyzing sports on ESPN as well.

The relatively new GFW was started by Jeff Jarrett, a former star in the WWE. Despite the different shape of the ring, Ultimate Fighting Championship matches bear some similarities to professional wrestling. This helps to establish Sonnen’s authority as a commentator.

After nearly two decades of fighting, the “American Gangster” retired from the UFC at age 37. He decided to quit the sport after failing a Nevada drug test. Upon retiring, Sonnen thanked his fans and vowed to permanently stop competing in mixed martial arts.


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