5-Foot Tall BJJ Purple Belt Chokes Out Home Invader

Word to the wise: if you’re going to trespass on someone’s property, make sure the person doesn’t know BJJ!

That’s the lesson some poor woman learned when she went on the property of Ruby Chung, a BJJ purple belt.

“I was sitting on the stairs and I heard footsteps in the backyard, so I came up to see who it was,” she told reporters.

It turns out, it was a woman with a child. However, the woman didn’t make any sense when Ruby questioned her. She changed her story frequently and even asked Ruby what she was doing at her place despite the fact that she was at Ruby’s house.

Chung rightly decided to call the police, but when she turned her back for a moment, the woman tried to hit her.

That is when Ruby went into attack mode, throwing some punches of her own and ending the fight with a collar choke from the back. When the woman passed out, Chung did the right thing and let go.

You can watch Ruby’s full story with KTVU below:

Ruby Chung is only 5 feet tall. It might be a little too easy to underestimate her….but that would be a mistake. A woman who attacked her at her home in Benicia learned that lesson the hard way. Pro-Faction Martial Arts & Fitness

Posted by Claudine Wong KTVU on Sunday, July 23, 2017


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