Chuck Norris Advised GOP To Use His Political Jiu-Jitsu Idea


There is a large concern that is being shared by the Republican National Committee. The GOP’s biggest celebrity superstar, who everyone knows is Chuck Norris ,Norris used his Monday column in WND
to offer an interesting solution to what has become a very self destructive and ugly spectacle for the party’s nominee vote. The name calling has reached an all time high and many believe that the problem is only hurting the individuals in the long term.

“I introduced a martial arts practice that does just that. The art of Jiu-Jitsu uses an opponent’s weight and strength to your own advantage. I believe this is what the GOP candidates must do in the coming 2016 presidential election.”

The martial arts champ, on the other hand, is describing a solution that he believes will work as a type of political Jiu Jitsu. He is suggesting that one or several of the contenders rise and agree to use the strengths of the other candidates in a future cabinet meeting. by using them in a future Cabinet.

Norris has had his own interesting take on the events. He believes that there is no reason that the party should not be able to unite in such a way. He believes that everybody can reach the same goals and get the same results, so long as they are prepared to do what they need to. Through a more united front, he believes that they will be able to take a legitimate stand against the Democrats. However, while it may be a good idea on paper, there is no guarantee that the candidates will be able to hold their peace. In the recent weeks, there have been many candidates who have fired salvos at Trump, and he has fired them right back.


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