Colby Covington And Fabricio Werdum Almost Threw Down In Sydney

Colby Covington is not letting up with his attacks on Brazil or its people. Earlier today in Sydney, Australia, Covington had some less than colorful words for former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum.

“Look at this f**king clown,” Colby yelled at the champ. “You’re a f**king clown, Fabricio Werdum!”

Covington claimed Werdum just punched him the in face and dared him to do it again. Colby even called Fabricio a homophobic slur, something that Werdum recently got in trouble for during a confrontation with with reigning Interim Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson.

Fabricio wasn’t the only Brazilian Tony wanted to attack in his video, either. Shortly after Colby turned the camera away from the former Heavyweight Champion, he turned it to himself and said, “F**k Brazil.”

Check out his video below:


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