Combat Sambo World Champ Gantumur Bayanduuren Replaces Sayan Khertek Against Mikey Musumeci

ONE on Prime Video 6 is getting a bit of a matchmaking shakeup, with combat sambo world champion and MMA fighter Gantumur Bayanduuren replacing Sayan Khertek as the new challenger to Mikey Musumeci’s flyweight submission grappling crown. 

In many ways, Bayanduuren is the ideal substitute for Sayan Khertek. Both men are highly-decorated sambo specialists, which grants Musumeci’s publicly stated wish to showcase his jiu-jitsu chops against the best the sambo world has to offer in a submission grappling showdown. 

Additionally, according to Bayanduuren’s Instagram bio, he’s a jiu-jitsu brown belt himself, so he’ll presumably boast at least some familiarity with the unique dangers of BJJ specialists

Don’t miss this showdown – stream the full show at 8 PM EST on Friday, January 13, from Amazon Prime Video.


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