Conor McGregor Out Of Control Throwing Stuff On Nate Diaz

Things got coyote-wild as Nate Diaz decided to make like a baseball player and pitch a bottle at Connor McGregor. The unexpected fast-bottle ended up turning into an all-out bottle brawl between the two fighters. Well, alrighty then.

It seems as if the two fighters got charged up during a press conference for their upcoming fight. Every pre-fight period involves a little junk-talking, but junk-talking turns to danger when full bottles of liquid go flying into other people’s bodies.

Tension built up because Mcgregor showed up a half-hour late to the event. Diaz then disrespected him, cussed his team, and walked off the conference. McGregor spouted racial slurs, the two argued and then Diaz threw the first water bottle. It was on after that. Fight attendance should surely increase because of this fiasco. Conor McGregor out of control Throwing Stuff On Nate Diaz will surely raise the viewer numbers.


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