Conor McGregor Gets Upset Being Called The ‘Interim’ World Champion

Conor McGregor is a polarizing fighter in the UFC. Either fans love him or hate him. Of course, McGregor is known as a loud mouth among opponents for his boastful nature. We like to believe that he’s more of a showman, though. He shows himself to have a heart of gold outside of the octagon with fans and the media. In a recent interview, Conor McGregor gets angry when interviewer calls him the ‘Interim’ World Champion.

Then again, McGregor makes a good point in his response. He mentions that Jose Aldo and himself both hold a title. Then he goes on to point out that he’s the most recent victor. Aldo has been out of action for quite some time, and McGregor’s conquests inside the octagon show who the true champion is today. It’s hard to argue against that point!


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