Conor McGregor Stops By Jiu-Jitsu School While In Spain

Conor McGregor recently stopped at Mallorca BJJ in Spain for some NoGi training.

It was revealed via a post on McGregor’s Instagram page that he made the drop-in class. A short video shows McGregor playing guard before wrestling up and coming on top into north-south before settling into side control.

The double champ-turned-whiskey mogul has become ‘notorious’ for his flashy, international yacht trips, but it seems that he’s still getting his grappling training in while he tours the world.

McGregor doesn’t currently have a fight on the books, and hasn’t fought since snapping his leg against Dustin Porier back in July of 2022. There are rumors of a boxing rematch between him and Floyd Mayweather, as well as a Lightweight title return against Charles Oliveira, or even a return to welterweight.

While his next opponent might not be scheduled yet, one thing is for sure, and that is that McGregor has definitely packed on the weight to move up a division. He no longer looks like the fighter that we knew at featherweight, and seems to have completely invested himself into the higher weight class.

Spectators and fans can only wait and see who he decides to take on next.


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