Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 Rundown

With the Conor and Nate rematch back on supposedly, I thought I’d talk a little about my take on the outcome.

Obviously the fight may or may not take place, but as of yesterday I saw the promotion for UFC 202. While I think the match will be exciting and it will definitely generate a lot of revenue, I believe this rematch is not in Conor’s best interest. I know a lot of people love him and I will probably get a lot of hate/backlash for this argument, but please hear me out.

Here are my 3 reasons that I believe Conor will lose the rematch.

1.)-Psychology– Conor’s main plan has always been to mess with people’s head with his trash talk. He is able to dance circles around people in this field and that has had some effects on his opponents’ confidence.

Nate, however, is the master of trash talk. He is not fazed by what his opponents say. If anything, he uses it as fuel.

2.) – Preparation– Both fighters will be prepared. While people have argued that Conor was training for a very different fighter, Nate was not training for a fight at all last time. With Nate having a full camp, I don’t believe the weight class will matter. In fact, I think 155 will be even worse for Conor than 170.

3.) Experience– Simply put, Nate is far more experienced. While Conor has become very popular in just a few years, Nate has been in the game far longer. Nate knows how to keep going when he gets rocked and fight through bad situations ( the Diaz brothers excel at this).

Conor, on the other hand, has not faced much adversity. The first fight with Diaz was really the first time we saw Conor in real danger – and he panicked! Unless

Conor has miraculously learned a lot more control in the last months, this could be a serious issue again.

There is probably a hand full of other reasons, but these three are what really does it for me.

What do you think about the rematch? Do you think Conor has a shot? If so, why?


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