Cop With Wrist Control Can’t Execute Takedown, Gracie Breakdown Intervenes

Gracie University is once again offering free training to the person responsible for training law enforcement in the art of taking down combatants.

The GU post came in response to a brief civilian video of a cop struggling to apprehend a suspect. And while it’s not entirely clear what’s going on in the video at this time–what the crime was or wasn’t, how the suspect had been communicated with prior to the camera rolling, etc.–what is clear is the unidentified officer had more than enough time to turn wrist control into a takedown attempt and possible mount/arrest with no weaponry needed…but appears not to have received the training to do so.

Instead, the officer gets the wrist, loses it, gets the shirt and the head, loses both, gets the arm but doesn’t arm drag, and never makes an effective shot toward any fulcrum which could actually produce the desired result of the suspect being brought to the ground. It’s an instance where a little Grappling 101 could go a long way toward protecting the lives of the officer, suspect, and bystanders.

If you know this officer or the tactical personnel responsible for training in his area, give Gracie Breakdown a shout:

I don’t know the back story, but I do know that we can’t blame cops for the training they never received. _Free GST attendance for the head D-Tac instructor in this officer’s department. Anyone with a connection, please let them know we’re here to

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Wednesday, June 5, 2019


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