Could We See A Felipe Pena Vs. Gordon Ryan Rematch At No-Gi Worlds?

Image Source: Felipe Pena/ Gordon Ryan via Instagram

If Instagram chatter is to be believed, we might see both Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan at IBJJF No-Gi Worlds in December.

Pena, who won both his division and absolutes at the 2015 No-Gi Worlds, first suggested that he may be competing again in the prestigious tournament on his Instagram in a caption accompanying a video of his match with Gordon Ryan at ADCC.

The video Pena posted shows him defeating Ryan to win the absolute division at ADCC in 2017. But Ryan responded to Pena’s post on his own Instagram page implying that he, too, would be signing up for No-Gi Worlds.

Ryan generated a lot of buzz earlier this month when he signed up for (and subsequently won double gold at) No-Gi Pans, earning all victories by submission. However, the greatest threat he faced was from Kaynan Duarte, who had gone up two weight classes just to face Ryan. Pena is well established as one of the top BJJ athletes in the world, and since he defeated Ryan just a year ago, it would be interesting to see the outcome of a rematch between these two dominant athletes.


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