Cozmo’s Cause

A couple of months back we did a feature article (Tapping out bipolar and PTSD) about Robert “Cozmo” Consulmagno, a veteran who lives with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.  Cozmo shared how he has found that jiu jitsu and boxing help him cope with his condition, and that he is on a mission to help address the stigma of mental illness.

He has gone on to be part of a few phenomenal projects including this short film about him, which was appropriately released today, on Veteran’s day (Cozmo is a former Marine):

The short film shows Cozmo doing what Cozmo does: using martial arts and physical training to address his demons.

Jiu jitsu doesn’t cure any mental or physical maladies, but it can help people learn to focus and gain a greater level of mastery of themselves.  We commend Cozmo for undertaking this mission!

For more information about this film check out the article written about it here

Thank you to all of the veterans and service men and women for your service to this country.

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