Crossfit Practitioner Suffers Heart Attack While Working Out

CrossFit is fast gaining popularity as a fitness regiment that can give practitioners fast results. However, like all strenuous forms of exercise, there is a certain chance that it can also cause harmful health incidents. This seems to be the case when a CrossFit athlete has heart attack during work out.

One of the perks of working out in a fitness center is that there are always people around to come to one’s aid in times of distress. Having a heart attack is certainly a stressful incident and it is just fortunate that there are people nearby that came to the man’s aid. While in the midst of a barbel lift, the man felt sever chest pains that hindered his movement and made him collapse on the floor. It is fortunate that the outcome wasn’t worse and that the man is on his way towards a full recovery and hopefully, back to working out in his gym.


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