Video: CrossFit Self Defense Is Best Avoided

CrossFit self defense exists, and people seem think it’s a smart idea. Opinions differ on CrossFit, but not everyone’s convinced about its benefits. Without a doubt, even fewer people are going to be convinced by self-defense with CrossFit leanings. A video entitled The Worst Self-Defense Program is hard to watch.

It features a CrossFit self-defense program led by a guy that doesn’t even train in CrossFit. As the witty voiceover mentions, most of the techniques shown would get a person hurt. There’s little to no defensive value in such techniques. We just hope that other Crossfit-based self-defense classes are more effective.

See the madness below!


  1. For those who don’t know, that’s Tony Blauer, a combatives type guy whose claim to fame is training SEALs. I don’t know whether or not he’s credible but the way I see it, you can teach a 220 lb hyper-fit commando just about any bullshit and they’ll find a way to make it work, especially if they’re using it against malnourished 140lb Somalis and Afghans.


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