Cyborg Dominates Lansberg To Earn Second-Round TKO Victory

Invicta Featherweight Champion and former Strikeforce Featherweight Champion Cristiane Justino – better known to fans simply as “Cyborg” – has done it again, dominating her opponent and proving once again why she is the baddest mixed martial artist to hold two X chromosomes.

In defense of her opponent – Swedish mixed martial artist and Muay Thai champion Lina Lansberg – beating Cyborg in Brazil is probably the biggest challenge any UFC fighter could be given on her debut. It would be kind of like beating Lebron in Cleveland on your first day in the NBA.

But try as she could, Lansberg had no answer to anything Cyborg threw at her.

For the majority of the first round, the Invicta champion used her superior grappling to hold the Swede up against the cage and nail her with repeated knees to the stomach.  During the few times they separated, Cyborg teed off on Lansberg’s head as the latter covered up.

The second round told much the same tale, but when Cyborg scored a takedown, Lina’s end drew near.  Lansberg tried to defend herself with kicks, but they weren’t enough to stop Santos’ heavy punches from raining down on her.

When Lina was unable to do anything but cover up in a fetal position, the referee called a halt to the match at 2:29 in the second round, awarding Cris “Cyborg” her seventeenth win and fifteenth knockout victory.

This win should come as a sign to the UFC brass: get a 145-pound women’s division, and let this woman dominate it!



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