Cyborg Reacts To Rousey Retirement News

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey or Cris “Cyborg” Justino?

For years, fans have argued over who was the true queen of women’s MMA.  Some have argued in favor of Rousey, who seemed to effortlessly dominate her fellow bantamweights in both Strikeforce and the UFC.  In fact, in the overwhelming majority of her fights, Rousey never had to do more than a minute’s work inside the cage to win or retain a championship belt.

Others, however, have argued Cyborg is the best in women’s MMA.  After all, Justino is not only the Invicta Featherweight Champion, but competes in BJJ and Muay Thai, where she regularly competes in championship rounds. Like Rousey, she has only one loss to sully her otherwise pristine record; but unlike Rousey, it came well over a decade ago.

For the first time since Strikeforce, Rousey and Cyborg are part of the same promotion, and this has led some fans to believe a super fight between the two could be right around the corner.

Sadly, those fans are probably wrong.

Earlier this week, Rousey broke the news that her upcoming championship fight against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 would probably be one of her last.  She has also shown no interest in fighting Justino.

Soon after hearing the news, Cyborg took to Twitter and tweeted that she was not surprised.

However, according to a retweet, she’s still hoping for a fight with her longtime, bitter rival.

Justino – who normally fights at 145, but has fought at a 140-pound catchweight in her two UFC fights – also once again called for the UFC to create a featherweight division.

The featherweight champion isn’t alone in calling for a women’s featherweight division.  UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has also called for a 145-pound division for female athletes.

And if they do create one, Justino may have another Olympic judoka ready to face off against her in the octagon.

Only this one will be coming in with Olympic gold around her neck.




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