Jiu-Jitsu Professors Choke Out Students After Belt Promotion

I’m not sure about this. Unified Martial Arts (UMA) instructors choked out students after a belt promotion.



  1. That’s actually a really interesting approach! I wouldn’t do that if I taught, but I can see how it is good to learn how to not panic while feeling yourself go out. Some people always tap before that so for some this is a good experience, knowing even though it’s possibly a fearful thing, you will come out the other side alive.

  2. I am a BJJ practitioner. This is utterly disturbing and messed. Each time people get choked out (unconscious) is because of hypoxia. Hypoxia means dead brain cells. I understand rituals in belts ceremonies but this is way out of line

  3. This is neither constructive, nor practical. Learning ” how to stay calm ” while being put to sleep, is like learning how to stay calm after getting pushed of a cliff. Anything that doesn’t add to, or edify the athletes is transgressive.


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