Cyborg Respond To The Outing Of The Fake Black Belt Video: “I don’t agree on the way he handled the situation”

Last 2 days Jiu-Jitsu Times posted A video of Ruben Alvarez at Black House Miami Beach who was outing the fake black belt that was training. Alvarez had a conversation with the fake black belt and was asked to remove the belt.

Here is Roberto Cyborg Abreu post on facebook:

“I have to comment on the video was posted yesterday from one of my black belts Ruben Alvarez, who teaches at our affiliate school Black House in Miami Beach. I see people having different opinions from what just happened. I see this event as a great lesson to all community of bjj.
At First, Of course the guy was completely wrong faking being a black belt, showing some mental disorder trying to do such a silly mistake with no technical or knowledge foundation about the sport.
It’s hard to judge Ruben Alvarez’s reaction because there are two sides of the story. The first side is who Ruben is. A YOUNG bjj black belt, super dedicated, who devoted his life to competing and conquering his space on the dreamed competitive black belt world of Jiu Jitsu and now is starting to share his knowledge teaching at this school. Ruben trains with me for the last 7 years, he is a great person, comes from an amazing and supportive family, and is very passionate for BJJ. He is on the beginning of his career. On his view, it was very offensive to him to have a guy lying and trying to pass through something he worked really hard to be. But of course nobody has the rights to humiliate or disrespect someone like he did, even under those circumstances.
The second side is that Unfortunately when you receive your black belt you become a white belt again. With the black belt doesn’t come maturity and life experiences. These things we have to learn through out years beating ourselves taking right and wrong decisions into becoming a more mature and wise “Professor/Master”. We all know when we are young we don’t measure consequences or responsibilities towards our attitudes. I don’t judge him for defending the honor and principles of the sport he loves.
I’m very firm and straight with my students when it comes to posture and respect towards everyone. Being humble and respectful is always the first lesson of our school.
I have a completely different view of this situation from what he sees, I don’t agree on the way he handled the situation, but I can’t expect him to have the same maturity and view of life I do. I was on his shoes one day and I understand where he comes from.
The guy learned his lesson, and I’m sure Ruben did too.
I’m sure this event somehow was set as an example for many black belts and non black belts around the world to rethink their attitudes on how to deal with situations. In life like jiu jitsu we never loose, or we win or we learn! Osss”

The UnderGround BJJ Series: Dear That Guy, Don’t tell people you have a black belt in BJJ, unless you are a BJJ black belt. And DON’T do it at the great Black House Miami Beach or our friend will find you, and let the world know.

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2015


  1. I really appreciate Cyborg’s response. It is what I would call a black belt response. He showed a lot of compassion and respect for both parties. Obviously you can’t have people walking around with fake belts but I don’t agree with making a circus out of it when they do. Just confiscate the belt and ask them nicely to either put on a white belt or leave the dojo. I think if somebody goes to those lengths they are an extremely insecure person to begin with and I can’t imagine that humiliating them is going to help them grow.

    • I’m not a bjj guy, and my background is wrestling (I’ve coached for our provincial program).

      I would be extremely upset with someone who misrepresented themselves like that. The chance of injury is quite high, and I would be very upset if someone got hurt (worst situation), or my insurance premiums went up, or even if my gym started developing a bad reputation. I would not have taken as long to send the fellow home, but I also would not have been willing for him to come back.

      As much as bjj is a sport and a recreational pastime, it is also a career for instructors and gym owners.

  2. Iv seen cyborg do worse. Ofcourse he wants to come out and play the part of the nice guy. But iv seen him personally beat up mma fighters and hurt them just because they are not bjj guys. Iv seen him put his black belt ricardo rezende on newer students who show potential to being them down to size. Iv also seen him be disrispectfull towards mma fighters and verbally lashing out on them just because they wouldnt compete in bjj tournaments. Things arent always what they seem.


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