Dan Henderson Vs Michael Bisping Announced, No Time Or Venue Set

Michael Bisping’s dreams have been answered.

At a date and place yet to be set by the UFC brass, the current middleweight champion will finally get a chance to avenge his second-round knock-out loss to Dan Henderson back at UFC 100.

Henderson has been part of the UFC since its seventeenth event back in 1998. He has fought in two of the promotion’s weight classes – middleweight and light heavyweight – but has yet to win a title in either.

Dan also told color commentator and former UFC middleweight Brian Stann that this match would be his last.

“Absolutely. I think that’s probably a fight I definitely would do. That would, by far, be my last fight that I would do.

“That would kind of seal the deal as far – I don’t want to do too many more fights at all, if any, but I definitely would do that fight. I’d make it my last fight for sure.”

Indeed, Dan Henderson is halfway through his forties, and competing in a sport where people are considered old in their thirties.  Add the fact that he is part of a stacked division in the sport’s top promotion, and it is easy to see why “Hendo” will be calling it quits soon.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will keep you updated on what could be the last time we see Dan Henderson in the cage.



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