Dana White: “No, I’m Not Talking To Jon Jones”

As the MMA world is quite aware, Jon “Bones” Jones is once again in trouble with the authorities.  The 28-year-old interim Light Heavyweight Champion and arguably best pound-for-pound fighter in the world was caught with banned substances in his system and was subsequently kicked off of the UFC 200 main event.

Needless to say, UFC President Dana White is not too thrilled with Jones, and he may have had his fill of the troublesome champion.

During an interview on The Herd on Fox Sports 1,White told host, Colin Cowherd, that he had no interest in talking to his interim Light Heavyweight Champion.

“No, I’m not talking to Jon Jones. I’m not talking, and there’s no reason for us to talk.

Yet, despite his irritation with Jones, White said he did not believe Jon intentionally took any banned substances.  Still, he insisted that the former Light Heavyweight kingpin should have known better.

The guy is a professional.I truly believe…listen, I’m not the biggest Jon Jones fan right now, but I truly believe that he did take a supplement, that had the stuff in it, and it wasn’t intentional. I truly believe that. But at the same time, come on. You’re 28 years old, you’re probably the greatest talent to ever step foot in this sport, right? Call USADA and tell them what supplements you’re taking. You’ve already been through this history of just absolute madness. Why would you do this? Forget doing this to us, why would you do this to yourself?”

There can be no question that Jon Jones is a huge draw in the UFC.  When he is on a card, people are watching, even if it is for no other reason than hoping he’ll finally get the ass kicking some fans feel he deserves.

But no matter how talented you are, there is only so much a company can take of you.

Jon Jones needs to clean himself up . . . and fast!



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