Dana White Recaps UFC 207: ‘Ronda Is Doing A Lot Better Than After The Holly Holm Fight’

There are few names more important in MMA right now than Dana White, and listening to him recap UFC 207 is probably an important window into a major player in the sport. How he chooses to recap one the year’s biggest events gives you a fairly good idea of how the future will unfold. One of his most major points discussed when Dana White recaps UFC 207 is Rousey’s second major loss.

Aside from Rousey’s loss, White also had a great deal of praise for Cruz vs. Garbrandt. He seemed pleased with the overall tone of the night and doesn’t seem to be particularly rattled by one of the organization’s big money-makers going down so easily. As one might expect from White, it seems that he’s already focused on the next big show.


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