Dana White: Roy Nelson Should Be ‘Buried’ For Kicking John McCarthy

It looks like more problems are on the horizon for Renzo Gracie black belt and UFC heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

Now, not only could the 240-plus-pound Las Vegas native be facing the wrath of the Brazilian authorities, but he has once again incurred the ire of UFC President Dana White.

Speaking with Matt Sera and Jim Norton on UFC Unfiltered,  White told the hosts that Nelson needs to be “buried” for his actions. 

You can’t apologize for that. You don’t ever put your fucking hands on a referee. There’s absolutely no fucking excuse. He needs to be buried. (Nelson) went over there and put his foot on (John’s) ass to push or whatever. He was yelling and flipping him off. There’s never, ever any situation where you put your hands on a referee. He can’t apologize. We’ll see how the athletic commission handles it, but he needs to get buried for that one. I haven’t seen what’s gone on, but if the Brazilian athletic commission doesn’t rain down on him, that’s not good. Referees are there for your safety. You’re a fighter, you go until the referee tells you to stop. That referee has been here a lot longer than fucking Roy Nelson has. It’s despicable, it’s disgusting, it can never happen again.

White has never been forgiving when it comes to post-match scuffles. Back in 2010, former UFC welterweight Paul Daley was released almost immediately from the promotion after sucker punching Josh Koscheck after their fight.  White later assured reporters that Daley would never fight in the promotion again.  Six years later, it appears the UFC’s “Bald Father” has kept his promise.

To make matters even worse for Nelson, the UFC president has never been a fan of his. White has ridiculed Big Country repeatedly and publicly, calling the heavyweight “stupid” and “delusional.”

Roy Nelson has not yet been handed any official punishments from any authorities. However, considering the number of people after him and the amount of respect Big John McCarthy has in the mixed martial arts world, it is doubtful he will be let off easy.


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