Dana White Turns Down Holm’s Request To Fight Meisha Tate And Must Wait 8 Months For Rousey

Dana Turns Down Holm’s Request To Stay Active, she Must Wait 8 Months For Rousey to recover. The event is scheduled for July 9th in a newly built arena in Las Vegas. The event scheduled will be huge, pay-per-view will be around 200 dollars and the arena can seat 20,000 spectators. Both fighters have agreed to the fight and White assured us that Rousey will be healthy by then.

Dana White told LA Times “it’s Rousey,” Holm will be fighting next, not Tate.

Holm, while willing to to do the fight, doesn’t want to wait around for the rematch. Holm and her manager, Lenny Fresquez, want to fight Miesha Tate before the July fight with Rousey. White says no, they will have to wait. She will not be allowed to participate in any other matches until the rematch has be done. Fresquez expressed concern over the fairness of the situation, saying Tate has right to fight Holm, being a contender. The UFC President shows no concern for the views they have on the situation.


  1. Dana you need to build a bridge and get over it the only thing Ronda had going for her was her Mouth and you supporting it. Holly HOLLY Holly that’s what people want to see a real fighter not Ronda with her one hit arm bar move. Holly put sport back into this circus you created and its Holly you should be thanking instead of sniveling over Ronda. The actions after the fight were classic Ronda running and hiding just like her loss to (Edith Bosch) Rousey, 28. “I had to give that up and come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t for me. I have always been heartbroken from that.” Lets talk about that Dana and Joe oh wait lets make an excuse instead.


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