Dana White: ‘UFC Is working on Anderson Silva Vs. Vitor Belfort 2’

Who is Anderson Silva? Who is Vitor Belfort? For UFC fans, those questions never come up because everyone knows about the pair. They competed in a legendary match awhile back in which Silva delivered a crushing front-kick to Belfort’s face. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Belfort wants to avenge that moment. Luckily, Dana White says UFC is ‘working on” Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort 2.

That would be a huge draw for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It could break a few records, although that’s not guaranteed. For now, the match is some ways off since no concrete details have been hammered out. If the match is made, then it could become a classic long before the match begins!

Dana White on Joe Rogan Podcast stated

“We’re working on it.”




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