Day 2 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: Xande Ribeiro And Gabriel Arges Take Gold

Day 2 of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam was a good day for both Xande Ribeiro and Gabriel Arges.

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Posted by Xande Ribeiro on Friday, January 13, 2017

Xande won the gold in the 94kg division. He defeated Thiago Pessoa with a Kimura, then Basel Fanous in the semi-finals.

Only Adam Wardzinski stood between him and his medal. However, the Polish black belt did not have what it took to stand there for long, and Xande nabbed himself yet another gold.

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Posted by Xande Ribeiro on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Always humble, Xande did not let his win go to his head. He applauded Wardzinski’s defense from half guard and criticized what he saw as his own stubbornness:

“I was surprised with the polish defense from the half guard,” Xande said on Facebook. “…and I should have changed the plan and went to the outside, but I was stubborn to try to smash.”

Xande also lamented missing out on a fight with Felipe “Preguica” Pena, who did not make it to the Grand Slam due to issues with his flight:

“I was looking forward to continue my battle with Felipe Pena here in Abu Dhabi,” he said after his fight. “It is a special city and we have been having our own battle at the Grand Slams, where I lost twice against him, very close fights. But unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Adam was tough and technical.”

However, one of Preguica’s teammates was there, and he also grabbed himself some gold.

Romulo Barral black belt Gabriel Arges looked absolutely spectacular at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, adding yet another gold medal to his collection after an RNC victory over Matheus Souza.

“coming out of this arena with the gold again,” Arges said on his Facebook after winning the 85kg black belt division.

coming out of this arena with the gold again 🙏🏻 Gracie Barra #TRB

Posted by Gabriel Arges on Saturday, January 14, 2017

The rest of the Day 2’s medalists are listed below:

Male Black Belt Results

62kg: Medalists: 1st – Hiago Silva, 2nd – Tomoyuki Hashimoto, 3rd – Wellington De Lima

69kg: Medalists: 1st – Isaque Paiva, 2nd – Tiago Bravo, 3rd – Joao Gouveia

77kg: Medalists: 1st – Marcio Junior, 2nd – Roberto Satoshi, 3rd – Edwin Najmi

85kg: Medalists: 1st – Gabriel Arges, 2nd – Matheus Souza, 3rd – Jaime Canuto

94kg: Medalists: 1st – Xande Ribiero, 2nd – Adam Wardzinski, 3rd – Basel Fanous

110kg: Medalists: 1st – Jose Junior, 2nd – Jiddu Lemos, 3rd – Mauricio Lima


Female Brown/Black Belt

55kg: Medalists: 1st – Ana Alencar, 2nd Rikako Yuasa, 3rd – Mayssa Bastos

62kg: Medalists: 1st – Beatrice Mesquita, 2nd – Luiza Da Costa, 3rd – Larissa Da Silva

70kg: Medalists: 1st – Ana Srour, 2nd – Brenda Freitas, 3rd – Priscila Cerqueira

90kg: Medalists: 1st – Nathiely Jesus, 2nd – Vanessa Nascimento, 3rd – Gessica Ventura


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