Demetrious Johnson Says He’s Open To Doing Grappling Matches

Image Source: Demetrious Johnson via Instagram

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson is officially signed to ONE FC after a historic and unconventional “trade” between the fight promotion and the UFC, but we may also see him on the BJJ mats.

In a worldwide conference call, the fighter (who was promoted to brown belt earlier this month) answered questions and discussed the trade, plus said he wouldn’t be opposed to competing in grappling. Could you imagine going up this former UFC champion in a BJJ competition?

“One Championship, they are about bringing up heroes, And the first time I watched ‘The Burmese Python’ fight in the last event in Yangon, I could see how the crowd would react to him when he stepped into the cage to fight and after he won and how the whole crowd was saying his name. I can see that his countrymen, his people really see him as a hero, not as an athlete who’s going to go to a bar after this and beat somebody in the face, they honestly are the home of martial arts and it’s not just mixed martial arts.
“It’s kickboxing, boxing, muay Thai, submission grappling, and for me that just intrigued me about it. They’re focused on promoting true martial artists, humble, discipline, integrity, and humility, and that’s all that I stand for, so absolutely I am 100 percent on board with that.”


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