Deranged Man Safely Subdued With Jiu-Jitsu After Attacking Instructor

It’s never fun to see, but you’re always glad it ended as safely as possible.

A potentially mentally ill man was restrained after becoming violent at a martial arts gym in Memphis. The man entered KMD Self Defense carrying a six foot bo staff and sat down to watch the Krav Maga testing taking place.

The man repeatedly shadowboxes, hits himself with the staff and does strange stretches during class despite the requests of the gym owner, Mike Hooker. The man continues to be a nuisance for two hours before finally being asked to leave after attempting to walk on the mat. A long argument ensues with the man verbally admonishing the instructors, with the owner placing the staff outside away from reach.

The man throws a left hook at Mike, but is quickly blocked and taken down with a collar tie that bursts through the gum doors and onto the sidewalk. Mike then quickly passes the guard and keeps the man pinned in mount while another instructor calls the police. Mike was forced to focus on the man’s concealed knife after a stab attempt, but was able to disarm the attacker and get it out of his reach. This continued until police arrived.

Unfortunately the officer on the scene seemed unequipped to properly restrain the man, so Mike had to continue to provide assistance. Par for the course the man later returned to the dollar store next door and again had to be removed by the instructors. Round of applause to all the cool folks at KMD and Mike in particular for handling situation this with restraint and compassion.

While it’s great that this idiot got demolished like a bag of chips on a ham and cheese sandwich (I’m hungry while writing this), knowing he had a weapon just makes me glad that he picked the trained killers to harass and not normal people.

Just train. I’m not gonna stop saying it.


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